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CampusSource provides research and development results - in this case the software developments of the participating state universities relating to the technical infrastructure to develop and operate virtual educational facilities which are vital as a basis for the use of new media in the area of education - free and at no cost to third parties under the defined conditions of an open source licence.

Within the scope of the state research innovation programme, processes were put in motion which, among other things, include the development and expansion as well as the operation of an infrastructure for computer and network-based teaching and learning. They also bundle and coordinate their efforts in this area to prevent duplicate developments and expand and [...]

Software Tools from Universities for Universities

Lecture2Go [ Lecture2Go ]

Lecture2Go is an open source platform for media management and distribution. The goal of this project is to support the free access to knowledge because this is a component of each democratic society

litw3 [ litw3 ]

litw3 is a web-based literature management system, which enables working groups to enter literaturedata independent of location or time.


PDB (Internship/Placement Database) is a web-based tool for managing and publishing placement offers.

SuperX [ SuperX ]

SuperX is a Data Warehouse for educational institutions that allows an integration of different types of data (e.g. number of students, exams, staff, finances). University employees or associates get access to this information via a WorldWideWeb-interface. The statistics are updated daily and can be aggregated according to the users' needs.


VDB (Course Database) is a web-based tool for managing course participants.

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University of Hamburg

CommSy is a web-based cooperation platform which supports asynchronous communication processes and cooperation in (learning) projects and (educational) institutions. Its target groups are projects, but it also supports entire organizations with several projects, e.g. universities.


ILIAS is a powerful web-based learning manage-ment system that allows to manage learning resources easily in an integrated system. ILIAS offers flexible course management, multiple ways to deliver learning content, incl. SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2 and AICC, test and assessment, survey and much more.


The LearningOnline Network with Computer-Assisted Personalized Approach (LON-CAPA) is a distributed learning content management system, which enables the sharing and reuse of learning resources between different institutions, a course management system with functionality similar to commercial products, and an interactive homework system with particular strengths in math and science.

Moodle [ Moodle ]

Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) - a software package designed to help educators create quality online courses. One of the main advantages of Moodle over other systems is a strong grounding in social constructionist pedagogy.

Stud.IP [ Stud.IP ]

Stud.IP offers a "minimal standard" for presence teaching as "Open Source" software. University courses are not replaced, but supported by Stud.IP, and administrative procedures are simplified.

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