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[ openFuXML ]



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Firoz Kaderali

FernUniversität in Hagen
Fak. MI
LG Kommunikationssysteme
Universitätstraße 11
58097 Hagen



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What is openFuXML?

openFuXML is offered in the CampusSource pool and is a further development of parts of the content management framework FuXML in use at the FernUniversität in Hagen for the production of printed and electronic course material. openFuXML consists of a universal document schema (XML-Schema) for the creation of scientific documents and courses as well as a rendering framework, which enables the output of XML documents in diverse formats and for multiple user devices.

Where can openFuXML be used?

A typical (learning) content management system ((L)CMS) consists of different components, authoring, document management and storage as well as output which is made up of content rendering, publishing and delivery. Within this system openFuXML renders the documents into different formats and supports multi channel publishing. openFuXML can be used as a subsystem by other systems (LMS, LCMS) and thus relieves these systems of the task of producing their own output. As a result these systems can focus on their core functionalities and leave the document formatting to openFuXML. As an example openFuXML can create SCORM data for all HTML documents and automatically generate section numbering, table of contents, and an index for the PDF output. Furthermore, several views can be produced for a single document. Thus different versions of exercise sheets for learners (only problems) and teachers (problems and solutions) can be created.

What is special about openFuXML?

In comparison to other solutions openFuXML offers a high degree of flexibility and the quality of the output is of a very high standard. The print version, in particular, which is neglected by many other systems (although required and requested by many users), is of superior typographic quality due to the use of the LaTeX typesetting system. openFuXML offers comprehensive support for scientific documents including high quality output of mathematical expressions on paper and screen.

[ openFuXML-Schema ]

Detailed features of openFuXML version 1.x

Document model (XML-Schema) suitable for editing purposes

Joint development of developers from the FernUniversität in Hagen LGKS1, LGPI12 and ZFE3

Rendering Framework

Client-Server enviroment

System architecture

The software was developed based on XML, XSLT, LaTeX, Java and currently only runs on Linux. (Windows is intended)

1 Department of Communication Systems (Prof. Kaderali)
2 Deparment of Computer Science 1 (Prof. Schlageter)
3 Center for the development of distance education