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LON-CAPA System for a free online physics course at the MIT

The open-source LON-CAPA system is now used for a high-profile free online physics course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
Enrollment started yesterday, Feb 14th, at noon local time. Within the last 24 hours, over 900 students from around the world have enrolled. Enrollment will likely be limited to 10,000, and the course will begin March 1st.

The review and problem-solving course, which in scope and difficulty corresponds to an on-campus course at MIT, currently offers a "self-placement test" to gauge if one is "up to the challenge."

Similar to MITx and MIT OpenCourseWare's "Scholar" series, the new course is part of an effort to make more MIT course materials freely available in the form of organized courses, and is part of a wider trend set by courses such as Stanford's online computer science offerings. LON-CAPA is extensively used for online homework and quizzes, as well as general course management.

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