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Press Release - Hagen Mar 31st, 2005

[ eleed ]

eleed - the new e-learning journal

published by CampusSource and FernUniversität

The new electronic journal eleed - "e-learning and education". is published by FernUniversität and CampusSource. eleed offers a platform for new scientific research results and expirience about all aspects of e-learning:

"e-learning and education" is an archival, peer-reviewed journal that appears continously and publishes the following types of contributions:

Besides providing a forum for researchers and practitioners in the field, "e-learning and education" aims tu support co-operation and community building and foster open e-learning standards. THe journal also strives to maintain an international balance by relying on experts from various corners of the world

The first issue of the e-learning-Journal "eleed" published Feb. 2005.

If you have interest to publish your own contribubions or project reports, please read our call for submissions of contributions.