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The CampusSource initiative aims at launching a cooperative process for developing software technology to support the use of new media with regard to training and education. The focus lies on software infrastructure of educational institutions and the promotion of synergies at different layers (more about the goal). According to its objective CampusSource provides the possibility for

as well as for

Institutional Cooperation

Cooperation at the institutional layer enables collaboration with respect to the general objectives of CampusSource. Examples of such cooperations comprise the joint organization of events (e.g. workshops or conferences), call for project proposals, and diverse activities aiming at the exchange of experience and ideas.

If you are interested to cooperate with CampusSource at the institutional layer please contact

Cooperation within the CampusSource community

Besides the pure utilization of the open source software provided by CampusSource (see Software Exchange) in the role of a

contributions to the CampusSource community are possible and welcome as a


After registration and acceptance of the terms of business you may download the software of CampusSource from the Software Exchange area and use it for free. In case of questions concerning the specific products you may contact the respective project leaders; more general questions, e.g., regarding the registration, support or the terms of business, will be answered by the office of CampusSource (

Developer of CampusSource software

Since CampusSource provides open source software you have the possibility to modify the products according to your special needs and subsequently publish it within the exchange area according to the terms of business.

Particularly, in the case of further development cooperation may be of great value, for instance, to be informed about the current work and to discuss future plans. To be involved in such a process please write directly to the contact person of each product.

Project leaders

Developer of own products

To extend the range of products offered by CampusSource we are looking for additional modules, components, and platforms enabling the use of new media with regard to training and education. If you are a developer of such a product and like to make it available as open source software please contact the office of CampusSource (

Discussion partner

CampusSource invites everyone who is interested in it to discuss and exchange experience and ideas within different events organized by the initiative, or directly with the members of the community, including the members of the coregroup as well as other cooperation partners. In addition, different newsgroups exist, e.g., feu.campussource or those dedicated to products you can find in the Software Exchange area.

Developer of a reference architecture

Within one of the projects of the initiative CampusSource a reference architecture of software infrastructure for educational institutions is currently under development. Within this work we are investigating to what extent such a system can be realized by means of compatible modules.

Do you have a similar project or are you already working on this topic? CampusSource provides a platform for exchanging ideas and discussing current work in this field of research. If you are interested to hear more about this project contact the office of CampusSource ( or the corresponding project leader directly: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer ( and Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Six (