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JOnAS and Enhydra pass OpenUSS entrance exam

A full open-source e-learning platform able to address smaller to larger training entities. JOnAS EJB container and Enhydra XMLC behind the scenes.

OpenUSS is an e-learning platform operating on the ASP (Application Service Provider) model. It is a part of the CampusSource intitiative, set up by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, to make a common virtual university platform under an open-source license.

After analyzing different solutions, the development team decided to take on JOnAS because of its simplicity. The presentation layer uses Enhydra as a servlet container. Its unique XMLC technology provides a powerfull framework for separating the user-interface design and the business logic development.

OpenUSS is implemented in 7 universities in Germany and Mexico. The reliability of the system, critical for all activities of the virtual universities, is now proven: over 10,000 users already rely on it worldwide.