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Studie: Open Source entlastet die Firmenkasse

72 pages, 21 figures, extensive documentation of TCO models

This SOREON report shows how you can benefit from the significant savings potentials of Open-Source software in different business environments.

More than 50 in-depth interviews with German companies using Open-Source, software vendors and IT-services firms build the foundation of the report. In addition, more than 40 software vendors, training specialists and consulting firms have been probed for price quotes. The result is a comprehensive analysis of the economics of Open-Source as well as predictions for the future of the software industry struggling with a new competitor.

The report presents a detailed TCO-model ("Total Cost of Operations") comparing Open-Source and proprietary software. At the core of the report are model calculations over a 3-year-period for a small, medium and large enterprise including upfront investments, licensing fees, consulting cost, training cost, administration and support cost.

Critical questions answered:

Independent research results through objective analysis:

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