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Tools from Universities for Universities

Lecture2Go [ Lecture2Go ]

Lecture2Go is an open source platform for media management and distribution. The goal of this project is to support the free access to knowledge because this is a component of each democratic society.


The platforms and tools presented below are listed for purely historical reasons. Development of this software has been discontinued. As a result, the software fulfills no longer up-to-date security requirements and is no longer available for download.

Archive Platforms (non supported systems)

EDU Workspace [ EDU Workspace ]

EDU Workspace (EWS II) is a network-based work- and project platform. A fundamental task of network-based applications is the publication and distribution of information in the internet. The rights to observe these information can either be public or reserved for members of work- and project groups. Additionally means of communication like E-mail distribution lists, Wiki, chats and forums allow a close collaboration.

metacoon® [ metacoon ]

metacoon® is a modular and adaptable web platform for learning, cooperative authoring and project work. Individual learning and working environments of course or project teams can be arranged by collecting tools from the metacoon®-tool pool. Next to these protected environments a platform has a public website which can be used as homepage - of the educational institution - the course - or the professorship with information and content of expertise in its subject area.

OpenUSS [ OpenUSS ]

OpenUSS is a database centered administration system with focus on: communication and publication.

Freestyle Learning [ Freestyle Learning ]

Freestyle Learning is a J2SE and GPL-based Learning Content System (LCS). FSL has the surpose to let you create and execute your multimedia contents.

Uni Open Platform [ Uni Open Platform ]

Uni Open Platform is a platform used for the web based administration of courses and students. The platform implements a decentralized structure and offers a role based access control with a roll based user interface. Course materials are automatically and periodically released. The Offline Navigator enables the automatic download and organisation of course materials.

VU - Virtuelle Universität [ VU ]

The Virtual University is a central platform for the distribution of teaching and learning material and has an integrated communication and interaction platform.

Archive Tools (non supported systems)

Javanti [ Javanti ]

Javanti is an integrated development environment for e-learning applications. Virtual, interactive slides can be created for teaching, speeches or training in a very simple manner.


MILESS is an institutional content repository, which archives full text documents as well as multimedia learning and teaching content such as animations, audio and video material, provides it for research purposes and publishes it via OAI and Web Services interfaces.

Multimedia-Catalogue [ MMC ]

MMC, the Mulitmedia Catalogue, is a repository for publishing and maintaining modular reusable learning content. This includes multimedia components such as Java applets, animations, graphics, images, or video clips but also self-contained textual teaching materials such as definitions, examples or exercises. The system is currently used to implement FernUniversität's electronic document server HADes.

openFuXML [ openFuXML ]

openFuXML is an XML rendering framework, which realises the output of documents in several formats and for diverse user devices. In comparison to existing solutions, openFuXML offers a high degree of flexibility as well as an advanced output quality. In particular, the print version delivered by openFuXML is of superior quality if compared to other systems. openFuXML offers extensive support for scientific documents including a high quality output of mathematical expressions on paper and on screen.

WebAssign [ WebAssign ]

WebAssign provides the infrastructure for the comprehensive execution of tutorials on the Internet and supports a wide range of assignment types on the internet.