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Dr. Matthias Finck
Telephone: +49 (0)40 60940857-0

effective WEBWORK GmbH
Neuer Wall 18
20354 Hamburg

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The latest version you can download from: CommSy Download Page

CommSy (Community System) is a web-based System to support cross-linked project work. Independent and group learning are the main issues. Apart from professional competence, its main purpose is to promote social and medial competence. This is essential in dealing with challenges of the intellectual society, which is characterized by terms like "lifelong learning", "knowledge management" or "virtual teamwork". CommSy can be used free under the terms of the General Public License (GPL).

[ Overview of the Public room ]
Overview of the Public room

The structure of CommSy

The elementary structure of CommSy is organize in two workspace:

[ Overview of the Community room ]
Overview of the Community room

You can create further CommSy group workspaces in an existing CommSy project workspace. The CommSy group workspace is inside a project workspace findable and only useable for the members of the corresponding project workspace. For each CommSy user a own personal area for personal materials is available. The personal area is integrated in the CommSy toolbar. Thus CommSy provides also an individual approval for other user and the administration of own materials.

Furthermore CommSy provides the possibility to create a Wiki and/or a Wordpress-Blog over the CommSy workspace.

Key Design Principles of CommSy

CommSy follows three key design principles through entire work:

Empoyment Context of CommSy:

CommSy is used nationwide in diverse fields of schools, universities, teacher training, freelancer networks, extra curriculum learning and by study groups.

Especially in Hamburg CommSy is broadly used in the University of Hamburg and many schools. CommSy paves the road from schools to the University and from aspiring teachers again to schools. CommSy is for years the mostly used digital platform in universities and schools in all of Hamburg.

You'll find the portals maintained by the CommSy-Team at:

For more information about CommSy, its features and interfaces, please go to [ German Version ]