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Dipl.-Inf. Annett Zobel
Dipl.-Inform. Matthias Hupfer
metaVentis GmbH
c/o Bauhaus-Universität Weimar



The software is no longer provided for security reasons.

Learning Management System and Authoring Tools:

metacoon an online platform for learning, cooperative work and for the production of various digital learning materials.

The system has a central help wiki which is maintained by the developer team.

metacoon is used as:

[ entrance rooms with personal desk for each user ]
entrance rooms with personal desk for each user
[ schematic overview to the platform ]
schematic overview to the platform

The platform consists of

[ room type for guided learning (view of a learner) ]
room type for guided learning (view of a learner)

For learning or cooperative work the platform comes with different types of room templates, i.e.:

metacoon is adaptable:

Instead of using the delivered standard room types, advanced user can arrange individual learning or working scenarios and save them into their own room templates.

Toolbox to arrange learning/working activities:


Learning Tools:


Authoring tools - overview:

[ metacoon ElQues ]

Question and Tests: metacoon ELQues

With metacoon ELQues (E-Learning-Questionnaire) you can produce, organise and evaluate self tests and online checkups.

The editor can be installed on each PC. ELQues is QTI standard conform!

[ metacoon Chameleon ]

Multimedia XML learning materials: metacoon Chameleon

With the metacoon plugin for OpenOffice you can produce XML learning material (text, all media, include question and tests, the platform reference books, literature database, mathematical formulas).

OpenOffice is a free word processing software, that can be used similar to MS Word. The metacoon Chameleon materials can be saved as online-HTML, PDF, HTML CD, SCORM

[ Glossary, Reference books and literature database ]

Glossary, Reference books and literature database

Within the online authoring area reference books (glossary, character, products, standards, ...) and a literature database (structured like BibTeX) can be cooperatively maintained.

All these can be used within the Chameleon learning material editor (OpenOffice) so that reference books do not need to be maintained for each course material by each author.

[ metacoon online presentations ]

metacoon online presentations

You produce your slides as usual, i.e. with Powerpoint. The spoken text or if you wish a video can be recorded and added to the slides. The result is an online lecture (Realplayer, Media Player) to see online or to export for CD-2-go

Personal desk for each user:

User with authoring rights can use the above shown authoring environment on their desk.
More functionality for all platform user (can be switched on/of by the platform administrator):

Administration tools and website-CMS

Platform administration can be distributed to the departments/teachers. Central administration tools for platform administrators are in the entrance room. Rooms have own administration areas - here the course area can be administrated

Platform administration

maintenance of websites (small CMS functionality)

System administration

Use Cases and References:

metacoon is used in any kind of educational institution as well as in different areas for project work or community work.

Since 2006 metacoon the international use of metacoon has notable increased.
Therefore we currently establish an international support and service infrastructure.

[ support for onsite learning ]

Support for onsite learning:

You can support onsite courses with the course environment type "self-determined learning" i.e. with digital learning material pool, group mailing lists, course pin board news.

With the course environment type "guided learning" the course can be structured into blocks and each block consists of a sequence of learning activities.

The question and test tool can be used for exam preparation.

[ online courses and advanced use ]

Online courses and advanced use:

A course room type "advanced" offers the hole tool box of metacoon. You can switch of the tools you do not need to create an environment for an individual learning scenario.

Further you can use tools to organise group work. Teachers can save time by peer-to-peer group organisation.

[ virtual office ]

Virtual office:

shared document pool or file management, address book i.e. for a custoomer file, notes functionality for project logbook or minutes...

For each customer project a room can be created to offer services, information, and documents.

[ Platform for research projects ]

Platform for research projects:

The room website can be used as the project website and can be maintained by authorized project members. Within the project room the project team can share files and information, use the communication tools and the coordination tools for project management.

[ Portal for communities ]

Portal for communities:

For example the German intercultural community does use the metacoon platform as a community platform. Here experts and their competence fields are listed and can bee booked for expertises or consultations. Community members can offer products, courses and services. The literature database can be used as a virtual community library. The reference books can inform about new or interesting products, projects, organisations, characters and standards. There are some commercial plugins for portal technology like banner ads (ask the developer team)

Technical requirements:

For the server

For the client (PC of users/authors)

A demo platform and more informaiton you find on: