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Matthias Goden M.A.
Telephone: +49 (0)251 83 24214

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Georgskommende 25
48143 Münster

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PDB - The Internship/Placement Database

Nowadays internship offers and placements as a part of school or higher education are becoming increasingly important.

In schools and universities much emphasis is put on a good advice on finding internships or placements. The establishment and the operating of specialized "placement offices" takes this into account. Through the consistent use of the Internet for counseling services, the "placement offices" can now be relieved of routine tasks and improve the quality of advice continuously.

For this reason, the basic structure and functions of the internship/placement database have been developed.

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The open source internship/placement database is based on PHP and MySQL. It allows external providers of internships/placements to make their data directly available via a web front-end to pupils and students. An administrator ensures observance of minimum standards and publishes the offers.

During this process can be determined whether the internship/placement is a "permanent offer". 60 days after a posting, the "current offers" are automatically moved to the archive section (this time period can be adapted as required).

The general view to the information is improved when the internship/placement offers are assigned to a business category. These business categories can also be created directly via the web front-end.

PDB is CSS-based and can therefore be just integrated into existing web sites (eg  [ German Version ]

Interested parties can try out the internship database at  [ German Version ]