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Matthias Goden M.A.
Telefon: +49 (0)251 83 24214

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Georgskommende 25
48143 Münster

Website:  [ German Version ]



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VDB - The Course Database

VDB (Course Database) is a web-based tool for managing course participants.

The course database reflects the fact that participant lists for courses sometimes still be maintained manually. Through self-registration and confirmation of participants (self care component) and by an automated waiting list for space-critical courses much organizational effort can be avoided.

[ Screenshot VDB ]

The system operates independently of user directory services (which are not available everywhere) and it also does not need a separate user account management for the participants.

The course database is based on PHP and MySQL, needs a web server (as Apache or IIS) and has been consistently designed as an open-source product.

A trial is available at  [ German Version ] available (no e-mail functionality).

Main features overview:

Registration periods
By establishing registration periods the registration procedure is transparent both for the organizers and for the participants.

"Traffic light function"
The degree of coverage of a course is color-coded.

Event notification
The system sends emails automatically and event-based to the participants of a course. The e-mail text can be customized.

Help function
The online help explains the functions and mechanisms in detail.

Spam protection function
The use of mandatory fields with plausibility checks (for example the correct email format) and the requirement to solve a simple math problem correctly, VDB provides a protective mechanism against unwanted or automated entries.

Attendance list
On participants limited courses an automatically move up function ensures that the available places are allocated as completely as possible. The list of participants can be output as CSV or PDF.

Web-based installation
A web-based installation with test routines simplifies the implementing.