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Prof. Dr. H.-W. Six
FernUniversität in Hagen
Fak. MI
LG Software Engineering



The software is no longer provided for security reasons.

WebAssign is a web-based system that integrates written assignments into a virtual university. It comprehensively supports authoring of assignments, download of assignments onto the students´ PC, upload of solutions, distribution of solutions over the correctors, assessment of solutions and finally returning the assessed solutions together with sample solutions to the students.

WebAssign provides a flexible platform for different kinds of assignments and correction modes:

Over the last years, the WebAssign system has been used for many courses from different faculties of several universities. The overall experience is very encouraging: Students very much appreciate the convenient access and shorter turn around times for manually assessed assignments.

An evaluation of the introductory computer science course at the FernUniversitaet Hagen with roughly thousand students exhibits that WebAssign is more than simply a faster and more convenient variant of the conventional assignment system. Students using WebAssign have a significantly lower dropout rate over the course compared to a control group with no WebAssign access.

Likely due to the automated pretesting facility, WebAssign users achieve for programming tasks significantly higher scores in the final exam (no WebAssign support allowed) - a clear indication that WebAssign also promotes a higher learning outcome.

WebAssign is implemented in Java, runs under Linux and Solaris, and uses Open Source-software (e.g. Apache, MySQL) as well as software standards (e.g. JDBC, CORBA).

The development of WebAssign was partially supported by the Multimedia Network of Competence which is an initiative of the Northrhine-Westphalia federal government.

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